# About

# The Project

Expressing Kandinsky aims to provide a series of bite-sized and interactive explorations known as contemplations on abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky's theories, techniques, and practices. It is a living repository on the social media platform Github. The project is under MIT license, so feel free to use all or any of it for derivative works. Finally, this website is built with VuePress and all of the interactive examples rely on Two.js. For any questions, comments, concerns, and typos please file an issue on through Github Issues.

This project is part of the New Aesthetics course advised by Joanna Wlaszyn in Paris College of Art's Transdisciplinary New Media program and supports the research of the author's thesis research. For further information on Kandinsky see:

# The Author

Jono is an Emmy award winning graphic designer and computer programmer. He comes from mixed heritage, an American of Filipino and Polish descent. As such Jono pairs distinct subjects to frame his creative process. These combinations range from latin and emojis through typography and animation to lithography and pixel sorting. While pairings vary, there is always a consistent and accessible tenor to the digital and physical objects he produces. This attention to detail allows people to access complex subject matters including positivism, the collision of black holes, and music composition. Jono’s work offers considered respite from the fatigue of the attention economy.

For more information about him see his two websites: http://jono.fyi/ & http://jonobr1.com/