# Introduction

Understanding Kandinsky's theories, techniques, and practice through bite-sized and real-time explorations known as contemplations, a term specifically devised for Expressing Kandinsky.

# Why "Contemplation"?

Kandinsky created or appropriated different nomenclatures to demonstrate the evolution of his thinking in his visual work. His most notable series is the Compositions series. These ten paintings, of which the first three have been lost, are regarded by the painter as his primary artistic declarations.[1] He also had Sketches, Improvisations, and Movements series to explore different aspects of his overall interest in uncovering a pure form of painting. Here's a carousel of the conserved Compositions:

# Compositions IV — X

I've selected Contemplations as an external series title for these explorations because of its definition:

contemplation (noun): the action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time.[2]

When I think of the time I've spent sifting through Kandinsky's writing, his work, and other musings on the painter's output I'm moved to a contemplative state. I hope you will find the Contemplations series both reflective, but also informative. Each contemplation will have an introduction of what element I'm trying to codify accompanied with additional material. Then towards the bottom, an interactive sketch will let you explore and play with the codified concept yourself.

# The Contemplations:

# 1. Sentiment Analysis

A data-visualization on the sentiment of each sentence in his two major publications.

# 2. Points

Visual contemplations of definitions of the point in different media formats.

# 3. Lines

Coming soon.

# 4. Gestural Lines

An interactive look at how Kandinsky creates the basis for his gestural lines.

# 5. Planes

How the plane is more than the sum of its parts.

# 6. Colors: Goethe's Palette Questioned

Coming soon.

# 7. Colors: Texture Compatibility

Coming soon.

# 8. Arrangements

Coming soon.

# 9. The Pyramid

Coming soon.

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